License To Use

Data Collection

The application requires you to provide your personal information:

  • Full Name.
  • Gender.
  • Address.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email.
  • Profile Image.
  • Location (your current location).

We use your personal data for purposes:

  • As a survey to see your interest in our products.
  • We may send our latest product bulletin/ catalog (Newsletter) to the email address you provided.
  • We may ask for your opinion about our products / services.

Additional Agreement

Every application that we make has different functions, sometimes we include additional agreements in the application.

A notice about the additional agreement is shown when the application is run, asking you whether you agree with the additional agreement or not.

If you are not agree with the additional agreement, the application will close automatically.

Copyright And Trademarks

We make 2 types of applications:

  1. Applications that we make ourselves. We call it INGENMedia Products, which are the copyright of INGENMedia and its affiliates.
  2. Custom Orders Applications, ordered by individual companies/ businesses. Copyright of this type of application belongs to the trading company/ business that orders it.


You can cancel the agreement whenever you want.

By removing the installation from your system and removing a copy of the binary from your storage media, you already canceled this agreement.


INGENMedia liability is limited to the purchase price.